Curriculum overview

The EBS student’s curriculum program

Year 11 Year 12
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
Chemistry Unit 1 Chemistry Unit 2 Chemistry Unit 3 Chemistry Unit 4
Physics Unit 1 Physics Unit 2 Physics Unit 3 Physics Unit 4
Maths Methods Unit 1 Maths Methods Unit 2 Maths Methods Unit 3 Maths Methods Unit 4
Biology Units 3 Biology Units 4 Specialist Math Unit 3 Specialist Math Unit 4
English Unit 1 English Unit 2 English Unit 3 English Unit 4
Extended Investigation 3 Extended Investigation 4    
General Maths (S) Unit 1 General Maths (S) Unit 2    

The program shown above is the one recommended for the passionate students that sign up to the Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences. Any variation from this would have to be personally negotiated, and depends on the timetable for the following year allowing the change without there being too many other clashes in a student's program.

Extended Investigation

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All students in Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences will enjoy a stimulating intellectual and social fellowship with their peers, both face to face and through an online collaborative learning environment.   The online environment encourages students to think visibly and provides rich opportunity for reflection and evaluation.  Through online discussion, students will develop scientific reasoning and communication skills.  Mentors will facilitate student thinking and provide an insight into what scientists know and how they need to think.

Students, teachers and mentors have opportunities to ask questions of each other.  This dialogue encourages critical thinking, in-depth evidence evaluation, cooperative learning and ongoing reflection.  We want to create a forum for educators and mentors that enables the exchange of ideas and leads to an enhanced and enriched learning experience for students.

All research undertaken by students at Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences will be presented in a scientific symposium at the end of the year.

Download the following Curriculum outlines for EBS

  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • English/s
  • Higher Education Studies in VCE

Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences will:

  1. Provide a positive learning environment that engages young people in the sciences, supporting through possible pathways and careers in the sciences.
  2. Lead the innovation of science and mathematics teaching and learning in the State of Victoria.
  3. Provide student access to research scientists who will act as mentors and supporters in the broad fields of medicine, sciences, mathematics and engineering.
  4. Provide outstanding professional development for training teachers under a teaching school model in partnership with the Masters of Teaching Program at The University of Melbourne.
  5. Enhance the partnerships with industry, research institutes and the University of Melbourne Bio Medical, Science and Education Faculties.